The Vivi Kola Team

A small team that is passionate about all things Vivi Kola!

Christian Forrer

Gründer & CEO

Christian Forrer was born and raised in Eglisau and was 13 years old when Vivi Kola disappeared from the market. He has always been fascinated by Vivi Kola’s brand identity and in 2010, he revived the brand and proudly brought the iconic Swiss  beverage back to its passionate fans.

Camilo Antezana

Managing Director

Fabian Guggenbühl

Head of Sales

Alexandra Gehring

Customer Relationship

David Egger


Kaj Augstburger


Kaj Augstburger

Marcus Berger


Ferdinand von Böhn


Marco Keller

Verkauf Deutschschweiz

Tamara Meili

Content Manager

Open Positions

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